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questions and answers

FK performance

With FK Automotive you have a partner with whom you can fall back on a successful past of over 10 years.
FK Automotive has its headquarters in Backnang, just outside Stuttgart. From there, shipping is carried out via three logistics centers with over 16,000 pallet spaces, always over 10,000 different products with an inventory of over 1,000,000 parts. As of April 1st, 2011, FK will work with one of the most modern mail order software on the market and offer maximum service and a HIGH END online shop.

questions and answers

Here you will find the most important information about the service….

The FK accessibility: How can you best reach the FK team?

If possible, always use the customer form and, if possible, include your question at the same time. Upon receipt of your contact request, you will receive a "processing number" with which we will process the process in-house. We always try to process the inquiries as quickly as possible. Therefore, please send us only one request per case. Unfortunately, duplicate inquiries lead to delays.

You would like to return goods to us. What do you have to consider?

Please look specifically at the item returns in the customer information center. There you can also print out a return slip and a return sticker from DHL.
If it is a defective part from our third-party products, i.e. a product not marked as an FK, send it back from us directly to the relevant FK supplier with the invoice. You can find the supplier addresses and contact persons under the supplier directory. In order to save time, we recommend always sending the goods back to the supplier directly for third-party products.

Would you like to order goods on account?

Through a partner, FK offers the option of receiving orders by invoice. Corporate customers with a turnover of 5,000 euros or more can be supplied on account after checking in individual cases. FK Automotive also assigns payment terms of up to 120 days, but this must be clarified on a case-by-case basis and will only be checked on a case-by-case basis if the order value exceeds EUR 20,000!

Which countries does FK deliver to?

FK offers you shipping within the EU as well as to Switzerland, Norway, USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia. Shipping to other countries must be requested from us individually. But there is also the possibility that you can have the goods picked up by your carrier at FK after consultation. You also have the option of having the goods sent abroad via an alternative delivery address.

Which products are in stock?

FK has marked all articles in the shop accordingly. You can recognize the deliverable products with the note "available immediately". A large part of the goods are in the FK warehouse and are usually dispatched to Europe on the same day if the order is received and the payment is posted by 11:59 a.m.

Have you received a shipment and it is incomplete?

It is quite possible that the parcel sent to you consists of several parcels and that these are handled at different speeds by our senders. It can therefore take 1-2 days for all parcels to have arrived.

Have you ordered something but haven't received anything yet?

If you have opened a customer account with us, you can see your shipping status there. If, for example, one of the many products cannot be delivered, you must activate the "partial delivery" in your customer account. The goods we have available remain reserved for you until the missing goods or goods ordered specially for you from the supplier / manufacturer arrive. However, you have the option of triggering the partial delivery in advance in order to receive the goods that are already in stock more quickly.

Would you like to cancel an order that has not yet been received or just a product from it?

If you have opened a customer account, you have the option of viewing your shipping status there. If the product has not yet been dispatched from us or on its way to you, you can easily cancel the order or the article online via your customer account. There are no extra or cancellation costs!

Have you received a shipment and it has been damaged in transit?

If you receive a damaged shipment, have the delivery agent confirm this for you. Get in touch with us using the contact form . If you only notice the transport damage after receiving the package, please contact the DHL branch responsible for you or the local post office and have a recording / confirmation created there. Until the incident has been clarified, the item or the packaging must not be unpacked or used.

Do you have a warranty claim?

Despite the highest quality demands on us and our suppliers, it can happen that an item is defective. We are not happy about this fact either, because we only want customers who are satisfied with us, our products and the service. Guarantee cases can only be processed if the corresponding invoice for the purchase of goods is available. In any case, please ask us by phone for a complaint number! Please note that we only process guarantee cases if you have an original invoice issued by us. If the article was obtained from an intermediary or a workshop, please contact them directly.

Is a partial delivery possible?

Partial delivery is of course possible. You simply have to release this in your customer account.

How can I see when the products I have ordered will be delivered to me?

You can see this in your customer account. You will also receive an email from us when the status of your order changes.

I have selected prepayment, how do I have to transfer?

It is important that you include the shop order number, i.e. the transaction number, in your transfer. Only then can we quickly and easily assign the incoming payment to your open order. Your order will be reserved in our house for a maximum of 10 days.

I am a dealer and would like to receive even better discounts.

If you have a turnover of 5,000 euros or more, we can check you for price condition “B”. There you will receive improved purchase prices of 20%. You also have the option of receiving up to a further 20% discount for warehouse orders! Our motto is: Order more, better purchase prices!

Inquiry order for lost packages

Please download and fill out the research order (international) or research order (national) .

Why would FK want to have given my phone number?

All orders are checked again at FK. If something is unclear about an order, then (and only then) you will be called by FK accordingly. Much has to be clarified by email, but it is faster if the FK service team can contact you by phone. Therefore the phone number is required. Of course, you will not receive any advertising calls or the like from FK, but only a call if something is inconsistent.

I have an FK product and need a parts certificate, I am neither a customer of FK nor did I purchase the product directly.

In this case, always contact the specialist dealer who purchased the parts from us. If you have bought the parts used or the items are installed in your vehicle and you need the parts certificate / ABE / EEC operating permit, you still have the option of applying for a parts certificate / ABE from us.
In this case, we have to carry out an extensive internal check based on the ISO and quality guidelines to determine whether the part is also suitable for your vehicle. Therefore we need your vehicle data such as vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model, vehicle type, year of construction and engine as well as the data, which FK part it is.
Unfortunately we cannot provide this service for free. We therefore charge a fee of EUR 29.75 per report for this service. Order your report via the online shop with the following article number: FKGUTA001 . Enter this number directly into the search field.
When entering the address data you have a free field available: Comments or message. Let us know your exact vehicle data, such as the vehicle manufacturer, vehicle model, vehicle type designation, year of construction, engine, as well as the information for what you need a TüV certificate. The fastest way to do this is to give us the item number of the corresponding product.
You have a 14-day right of withdrawal. Here you will find the details of your right of withdrawal

What are CSV files and what can I do with them in my own shop?

Most internet shop systems and merchandise management systems have interfaces that allow you to read in data and integrate it into your system. With a CSV link, we transfer the item number, the item description, the item price, the product image or the product images, the product category, a field for the vehicle manufacturer, a field for the vehicle type and other data. In particular, we transfer almost 100,000 item data that is in stock at FK with a stock of almost 1,000,000 items.
The data is updated fully automatically every day.
As a customer, you therefore have the option of automatically updating your shop with the latest available and supplemented article data. Talk to your shop manufacturer or your internet agency. Implementing a CSV link is easy and does not incur high costs. You then only have to order the products ordered by your customers from the FK-B2B shop using your login and send them directly to your customers.
If you order before 11:59 a.m., we will send the goods on your behalf by 5 p.m. You don't even have to maintain your own logistics. Of course, we can also deliver directly to you on request.